Wednesday, December 8, 2010

my American dream

eversince my childhood
I have known Uncle Sam
he's from the RICH western country
that isn't so warm
'thought then that there,
everywhere there was snow
and that the United States was
the only country where apples grow

as a child I was told
it's the land of milk and honey
where jobs are nice
that give people lots of money
the people are lovely,
with golden heads of hair
believe me when I see one,
I can't help but stare

blue eyes, I tell you,
they look like blue crystal
their skin, white and creamy,
just like alabaster
the men are handsome,
dashing debonaires, so tall
the women are pretty,
as pretty as a doll

they speak the king's language,
they speak with authority
they sing with the same voice,
so lovely and pretty
my young heart was smitten,
I said, "one day, I will be...
among these lovely people
when I cross the big sea"

but my dream died an early death,
it was nipped at the bud
the given name I was christened with,
registered wrong, that was sad
someone said my misspelled name,
won't get me a passport, too bad
my young mind believed,
instantly killed the American dream I had.

years went by so quickly,
my American dream was replaced
in my own country,
I'll create my niche and rightful place
I stopped dreaming the dream,
for it, I had no time and space
'started feeling patriotic,
an American dream is a disgrace.

little did I know that
later in life things will change
human life, as we all know,
sometimes takes a turn that's strange
ahhh mid-life crisis
my life changed its course
a life-changing event,
turned out to be a blessing, not a curse

My American dream is back,
but not so much for the money
neither for the opportunity
to live in a snowy country
a brave shot at happiness,
with the love of my life
A tall order I know,
but without hope, what is life?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

the seed...after three years...

yeahh..LOVE GROWS!

tic tac toe

LIFE IS like a game of tic-tac-toe
choose your lot, be an X, or be an O
the object of the game, of course you know
score a straight line, make it so!

be sharp, be wary, look for that opening
the opportunities are not always showing
but look closely, there is always something
vertical, diagonal, go for that win!

when life has given you two O's or two X's
it is up to you to do the hard presses
Don't wait too long, the opponent also wishes
if you are not quick, your two X's will become misses.

Blue Magic

walk with me this path
under the moonless sky

a calm and peaceful night
shall come and pass us by

listen to the water rippling
on the left, and on the right

straight ahead just keep on walking
till the bright lights are out of sight

the blue light, it beckons
hypnotic, like in a trance

when we get there we will reckon
peace and quiet from a distance

the soft light feels like magic
a halo... Buddhist... Tantric...

the soft glow, now I see
the blue aura of royalty

the high and the mighty

this poem was created in reaction to a photographer's seeming distaste for my "borrowing" one of his photos from his collection-- I wrote the poem, used the photo, posted in my blog and wrote a comment in his to let him know I borrowed it . He was apparently displeased. The owner's handle in that site is miteehigh -- thus I titled this poem, the high and the mighty

a mountain created
from out of a molehill;
something unexpected
I am confused, still.

an innocent attempt
to create poetry;
was viewed with contempt
made some people angry.

i didn't delay
i listened to social conscience;
put down the picture
the poem, they say, is the essence

a part of my brain
could never understand;
that part of others' brains
that saw it as illegal, in their parlance

shall I call it arrogance?
protectiveness out of place;
I gave myself solace
if it were me, I'd accept, with grace

was it, on my part,
an act of stupidity?
to use people's online stuff,
to create simple poetry?

I value my work of art
just like anybody;
from now on I will stay away
from the high and the mighty.


don't promise me tomorrow
if you cannot be here today
don't add to my sorrow
please don't go astray

i don't want any promises
i want a heart that's true
i don't want hugs and kisses
if half-hearted, they just make me blue

my luck, i will not force
my fate, I cannot choose
my destiny won't change its course
so be it , I will not push.