Thursday, June 23, 2011

the wisdom of the elf

"I am zen,
listen to me y'all,
I am not just another

brick on the wall"

"at peace with the world

at peace with myself"

" but who are you kidding?"
said the voice of an elf

"i see zen stones
in japanese gardens
calm and serene
tensed nerves, they soften"

"stones clean and smooth
one on top of another
with a small network
of ripples on the water"

"this zen stone arrangement
as rough as it can be
anchored on two slabs
that both look wobbly"

"a balancing act

of the stones by the beach

when here comes a big wave
won't these stones get leached?"

"no they are not ripples
that i see on the water,

but rough little waves

'hope not a tsunami starter"

"i acknowledge your wisdom
Wise little old Elf
what do you suggest I do

off the cliff, throw myself?"

"No, not at all,
dear stony creature
do not yet end
your promising future"

"polish yourself
let the water cleanse you
gain foothold and be strong
find your niche beneath you"

"you'll never reach perfection

that much is expected

but you'll be an inspiration
to the once weak, now strengthened"

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