Thursday, May 12, 2016

my childhood in a dish garden

Photo credit:  Green Yatra page on Facebook

my childhood in a dish garden

if i have the power to recreate
my childhood in a capsule
a garden dish is all i need
AND little things to complete the structure

I'd plant the greens and put some stones
and water them every day
I will make sure that I will use
healthy garden soil, not clay

the image i have in my head
on this dish garden I will translate
a scene from my childhood, it will be
my daily life, that's great!

a tall tree bare and bald
with branches sticking here and there
a wooden bench, the kind I love
wedged between branches high up in the air

across it all, I'll also have
colorful paper buntings
a whiff of breeze, from time to time
will send the colors swinging

from a high branch a sturdy rope
drops down with an old tyre in its end
but then i'd make sure and I will hope
that the branch won't break, just bend.

down on the ground, a wooden cart
is tasked to wait for me whenever
i'll push the cart round and round
across my kingdom in a platter

right in the center is a small pond
with a lone white duck a-wading
pray tell me, Mrs. White Duck
where are all your baby ducklings?

planted on the ground are two  tall poles
 between them runs a clothesline
my checkered pants, and shirts with holes
they will be dry, in a matter of time

this is my kingdom, my childhood lair
where  i could spend life till eternity
on the tree, take note, when you climb
a sign up there reads, "KIDS ONLY"

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