Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the walls I built

....i have built a wall around me
and i thought the wall was strong
it was made of tears and heartaches,
and of happiness gone wrong

everyday i tell myself, "be happy,
for you have felt that kind of love"
not everyone is quite as lucky
to receive that from up above.

i learned to accept that sometimes,
a love has to end somehow
it doesn't mean that all other times
must be spent crying, as i do now.

i weighed things against each other
and saw wisdom in the path I have taken
but when you and i were put asunder
why do i feel shaken and heartbroken?

i thought the walls i built around me
are strong and will hide my fears
Yet with a soft whisper as you called me,
the walls came down, and so did my tears.


NannyMcP said...

i feel like crying while reading this.

pcjean said...

aww P!

I wrote that when I was really feeling bad about someone ----I guess the feelings were so strong that the words took them all in.