Tuesday, November 2, 2010

S, M, XL

small steps,little steps
where to go? Straight ahead.
Heading home? Right or left?
'wonder what's around the bend

medium steps,bigger steps
can't wait to see my hungry pet.
hurry,hurry, can't you see?
Gotta be home before sunset

extra large,biggest steps
we'll be home, don't you fret
another mile, draw a sigh
to those tall trees,say bye-bye

orange small, medium red
small, MEDium, EXTRA LARGE
Hand in hand, my tiny partners
Here in Black, I'm in charge!
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NannyMcP said...

this is so far my favorite 'te. i have been meaning to frame a copy of this.

pcjean said...

hi P! I also love this! I had so much fun writing the poem.

I wish I have more inspiration these days to write -- pero kinakalawang na yata hehehe

HUgsss P!
Mishu na!