Tuesday, November 2, 2010

proud to be 46

i'm turning 46 on april 14
it is indeed a pleasant blessing
i'm turning 46 from being 18
i don't know where are the years in between

proud to be 46 because it means
46 Summers, Aprils, Springs
never a Winter, never a Fall
always dry and sunny days all

i am approaching the age that is golden
just like the world's beautiful older women
weathered by experience, character strengthened
playful, witty, intelligent, enlightened.

i share the joy of being 46
to others here who're in the same fix
savor the years before we are golden
follow your dreams, your future, don't darken.

a footnote here i will dare say
i know this will elicit a yea or a nay
age is just a number, so what if you're younger?
like it or not, soon you'll grow older.

what matters most is how you have lived
in this life what have you achieved?
accolades, honors, did they steer you ahead?
Or did they just make out of you, a Swellhead?

my beautiful friends who are twenty-something
you know who you are, in my life, you're a blessing
I know when it's your turn to become 46
women that are stronger, self-made, accomplished!

Cheers to all women approaching the golden years.
My birthday wish - may you all age beautifully and wonderfully.
Thank your lucky stars you did not make a mess of yourselves in your younger years

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