Monday, November 15, 2010

A Flight ....A Sight

In this life we can get at least achance,
to be a novice in one circumstance,
an inflight experience, not everyone can have,
some have lived and died without seeing a launchpad.

Many will say they have a fear of flying,
An excuse? an escape? 'no means of knowing,
Some claim they get jitters just thinking of "flight",
Others just say they couldn't get over their flight fright.

In my case I believe, it was a very old mind set,
That you put your life at risk, if you did ride a jet,
But if this is really true, there won't be any airlines,
No airports, no stewards, no pilots, no groundcrewmen.

I've always imagined what it's like to be in an aircraft,
All secured, all covered, in the air, yet there's no draft,
Would it really make you want to grab a life jacket,
Once the plane starts dropping into lots of air pockets.

When I took what I thought was a once in a lifetime chance,
I felt excited, yet scared, as I watched the plane from a distance,
So a giant creature,
My imaginations took me far, I thought I saw there a vulture.

The inflight instructions they flashed on the monitor,
entertained me for a moment, it talked of gadgets galore,
Then a steward stood in front and spoke with much candor,
The instructions came to life, like a movie in full color!

I'm aware it was going to be a short, three-hour flight,
'have a new, fresh experience, in there, I knew I might,
It was good I was given a nice window seat,
When I looked out my window, 'saw the plane's wing, now that's not neat!ImageImage

The flight was at nighttime, 11 pm to be exact,
The passengers were sleepy, perhaps hungry--need a snack,
When the plane taxied away far out to the runway,
What a sight! around the runway a sequined red blanket lay.

At a few hundred meters above the ground I could feel,
The plane wasn't moving, like a statue that stood still,
It felt tilted at an angle, somehow I felt I was falling,
When I looked around me I saw, almost everyone was yawning.

When the plane, I soon felt, started flying steadily,
I looked out again anticipating, my heart was all ready,
My eyes wanted to see what I have always read in books,
I want to see and experience just how grand and good it looks.

The view from above was breathtaking, the proverbial "blanket" I saw,
A blanket of cloud was spread wide, as seen from my window,
My seatmate commented," 'you can see the blanket in the night????"
I replied, "It is there! Don't you feel your blanket when lights aren't bright?"

The food served wasn't at all bad, I was hungry and starved,
So whatever food they'd give me, I'm sure will be devoured,
Today I am reminded to look up a word I met,
I wonder just what in the world, did it mean "vinaigrette"?

After the meals, the time left, everyone can use exclusive,
Watch TV, read the papers, if sleep is elusive,
For me I used that time to compose/ record in my mind,
A poem, a scene, or a story, when I find a chance, I will rewind.

My first inflight experience, wasn't so bad, it was comfy,
Although a little cramped, in the plane it still was cozy,
One peep at business class, it's a lot cozy but yes, costly,
I wish someday, next time around, I won't have to fly ECONOMY!Image

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