Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tears are Gems

Today I sat and pondered
about things I did and still do.
I thought about life and dreams
and wondered why I'm blue.

I came to know a simple truth
that's been there all along.
I learned that life is all about
being hopeful and being strong.

The hope you have inside your heart
will carry you through life.
The strength and will of body and mind
will counter all the strife.

At times I feel blue and I cry
and think all hope is gone.
But then I look again and find
that tears are gems that shine.

let go and let yourself a good cry
it washes over your soul,
when grief is gone and tears run dry
you're again ready for the goal.

Will I sit again and ponder
about life and what makes it blue?
Perhaps I will and now I know
it's a phase we all go through.

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