Tuesday, November 2, 2010

june bride

June Bride

Pretty lady, the bride in the picture
a whiff of elegance and calm composure
A lovely face, a radiant smile
shows an inherent congenial style

Long, flowing, beautiful black hair
The lovely curls, I can't help but stare!
Not a hair out of place
a totally graceful array

White roses matching her wedding dress
the cool hints of green, a gentle caress
Velvet rose petals, soft and delicate
Match the embroidery,on her dress so intricate!

Twin pearls on her ears
An accent no less
Simple, minus gold's glitter
Complimenting her dress

A tiara on her head
clasping the long, flowing veil
I bet on a full shot,
the veil looks like a trail

Pretty Miss June Bride
Where art thy groom?
Together in a picture
All the roses are in full bloom!

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